Website features


Our websites include all of the features that you'll find useful in publishing content from your APPG, including:-

- News articles with images, videos and attachments

- Event listings

- A People section for the officers and key people within the APPG

- Unlimited static content

- Data collection, so that you can gather sign-ups to hear about developments and events of your APPG


Responsive design and flexible themes

As many as 50% of visitors to political and public websites come from mobile device, so we always build with mobile in mind. You website should look good on all screens, regardless of how large or small.

The layout and colour schemes of websites for APPGs are flexible and you can change these aspects at any time using the control panel. 


Hosting and security

Our APPG websites are hosted on state-of-the-art UK-based servers. Out of the box, all websites include SSL certificates, making them secure.


Future development

We're always updating an improving our platform to make sure that it suits your needs. As time goes on, more features will be added, all with the intention of helping APPGs to reach out to stakeholders and the wider public.



Drop us a line with your phone number and we'll call you back to have a chat about your project: